Submissions from 2020


Magda Hernandez: Against All Odds, Salome Alvarado

Mary Butler: Baptism by Fire, Michelle Chouinard

Getting Back in the Habit: Chad Smith on Experience, Caring, and Growth, Abigail Cuellar

Dr. Diann Ainsworth of Weatherford College, Derringer Dick

An Interview with Jim Dick, Josiah Duran

Dr. Stephanie Foote: Metamorphosis from Student to Teacher, Mary Goodykoontz

Elizabeth Altenberger: Direct Communication, Clear Expectations and Collaboration in Secondary Education, Clare Hoelscher

James Nervis: On a Teacher’s Service, Emily L. Martin

Mrs. Boomershine: A Career Informed by Compassion and Joy, Gabriel Michalak

Dr. David Andrews: Inspiration, Transformation and Technology in Education, Tristan Murray

Bernadine Clark: Implications of Shifts in Childhood Development and Technological Advancements in Education, John Schaffer

Submissions from 2019

An Everyday Superhero: Librarian Lauren Younger, Michelle Ciacchella

UD's Keeper of Memory and Story: Sybil Novinski, Callie Edwing

A Passion for Christ: Dr. Mark Goodwin PART 1, Favier Hu

A Passion for Christ: Dr. Mark Goodwin PART 2, Favier Hu

Kathryn Fanning: Captain of the Grammar Police, Abigail Lyons

Interview with Beth Roesch, Valerie Michaud

Finding the True Faith at Catholic Universities: Dr. Christopher Malloy, Julia Miller

Education Through the Generations: Claudia Rovens, Margaret Novacek

A Passion for Learning and Teaching: Dr. Matthew Spring, Samantha Reveles

Submissions from 2018


One Caring and Connected Thread: An Interview with Educator Mrs. Mary Ligon, Megan Best

Mindset, Differentiated Instruction, Relationships, and Pedogogical Content Knowledge in an L.D. Environment,, Clay Bulmer

Interview with Dr. Larry Allums, Madison Clark

The Importance of Caring in Education: An Interview with Riney Jordan, Rebecca Colvin

Dr. Bainard Cowan: Literature and an Influential Catholic Education, Catherine Culberson

The Educational Fits for the Clowes, Emma Dempewolf

Misty Swan on Teaching: A Relational Activity, Alexandra Diaz

American Education with Dr. Roper, Maria Di Lucca

Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome: Perceptions of Learning Ability and Socialization, Sarah Gamble

Teresa Schichl on Teaching Through Encouragement and Preaching Morality to All Children, Tony Gomez

Kay Gage: A Small Town Gal with Big Opinions on American Education, Panda Green

Dr. Kathryn Davis: The Rome Experience and What It Does for Students, Carolina Herrera


Reflection on Interview with Kathleen Bach, Sarah Hughes

An Insight on Dr. Culp's Teaching, Grace Jasper

Teaching in Today's Society While Reflecting on the Past: An Interview with Dr. Janette Boazman, Margaret Kewell

Sue Meador: Education Viewed as a Teacher and Principal, Jacqueline Landry

Dr. Robert Ansiaux: A Professor's View on Higher Education, Jayna Martinez

Vocational Training for the 21st Century Learner: An Interview with Zachary Moore of Irving ISD, Kiley McAbee


An Interview with Dr. Andrew Osborn, Rachel Mohr

Interview with Dr. Christopher Wolfe, Gabriella Montes Cantu

Interview of Dr. Charles Sullivan, Katharine Offen

Dr. Andrew T. Glicksman: A Catholic Perspective on the Theory of Education, Patricia Peters

Life Long Learners: An Interview with Ms. Nancy Koeckenberg, a Special Education Teacher, Isabel Ricci

Denise Shulte: A Reflection on the International Baccalaureate, Emma Rodin

Richard "Dick" Strockbine: Education Beyond the Classroom, Melanie Savala

History of American Education: Interview with Dr. Alvis, Katie Schutze

Impressions of Professor Forte and Her Educational Experience, Claire Schwartz


Dr. Vernard Gant on Urban Education Reform, Michael Stevens

Becoming Part of the Family: An Interview with an Interventionist, Sukmal Turner

Awakening the Entire Human Person: An Interview with Dr. Jon Beane, Teresa Vall

Dr. Jason Lewallen's Reflection on Mentorship, Diversity, and Teacher Preparation, Madison Vielhauer


A Reflection on the Commonalities of Islamic-American Education, Gihad Wazwaz

Submissions from 2017


Barbara DeLaTorre: Educational Commission-Embracing Tradition and Faithfulness of the Magisterium, Chanel Carter


An Interview with Mrs. Vanessa Vega, April Clements


Educational Experiences of a Psychology Professor: Dr. Robert Kugelman, Laura DiIulio


Eileen Gregory: On Education, Joseph Fasone


Dr. David Sweet: Staying the Course with a Liberal Arts Education, Rachel Fountain


Ted May: Importance of Inclusivity In Education and Localized Venues of Instruction, Anne Janus


Dr. William Frank: A Philosopher Bringing Timeless Relevance to Education, Kerry Kennedy


Educational Perspectives: An Interview with Dr. Karen Norris, Maria Labus


Theresa Buntain: Educational Insights at the Heart of Education and Teaching, Christina Norton


Ann Butterbaugh: Evolution of Views on Elementary Education and Its Profession, Madeline Oi


Theatre, Gifted Teachers, and Lifelong Learning: An Interview with Susan Cox, Rachel Polzer


Marisa Perez-Bernardo: A Spaniard’s Perspective of America and Education, MaryGrace Quinlan


Dr. Frank Doe: Reflective Teacher Who Emulates the Ideals of Liberal Education, Clare Ruedi


Marlene Chetek's Educational Comparison: Then and Now, Lisa Saman


Father McCormick's Stories of Teaching Through the Years, Rose Schaner


Principal Montgomery: Secondary Education in 2017, Mackenzie Tano


Dr. Debra Rominick Baldwin: A Take on Canadian and American Education, Caitlyn Worry

Submissions from 2016


Educational Experiences, The Evolving Role of Technology, and the Vision of Louise Cowan: An Interview with Father Thomas Esposito, O. Cist., Emily Buckner


Summary and Reflection of Interview on Teacher Experience within Public and Private Education with Anita Sabon, Elizabeth Cline


Oral History Project: Grace Waters PART 1, Jan Duer

Oral History Project: Grace Waters PART 2, Jan Duer


The American Education System and an Immigrant's Pursuit of Social Mobility with Lola Esmeralda PART 1, Julie Gallagher

The American Education System and an Immigrant's Pursuit of Social Mobility with Lola Esmeralda PART 2, Julie Gallagher

The American Education System and an Immigrant's Pursuit of Social Mobility with Lola Esmeralda PART 3, Julie Gallagher


An Interview on Education with Steven Roy and the Importance of Motivation, Expectations, and Care, Victor Garate


An Evaluation of Historical and Original Ideas in Education with Anne Ruedi, Catherine Gilmore


The Experience and Views on American Education with Sarah Samples, Lorenzo Caple Gonazalez


Teachers in Modern Education with Mrs. Blann, Elizabeth Herrera


Oral Interview Project: Dr. Katherine Mansfield, Mary Clare Lococo


An Interview with Dr. Richard Olenick and the Insights it Provided to the Understanding of American Education, Kate Mann


Changes in Higher Education: Interviewing Dr. Charles Sullivan, Jeromy Nelson


American Education in the Eyes of a Spanish Woman: Dr. Wilhelmsen, Moira Quinn


Educational Changes in a Developing World: An Interview with Mrs. Barbara Khirallah, Teresa Roach


"Setting the Standards" or Education with Mrs. Betsy Graham, Riley Roberts


Vicki Shafer Interview: 35 years of Teaching English and Latin in Dallas Area Secondary Schools, Erin Silkey


Dr. Cherie Clodfelter: An Educational Journey From Segregated South to the Height of Academia, Kevin Thornton