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2020 Scholarly Accolades list of Faculty Intellectual Achievements that was presented at the 2021 King Haggar Haggerty Awards Ceremony. Schools included are: Neuhoff School of Ministry, Braniff Graduate College, Constantin College of Liberal Arts, and Gupta College of Business. Faculty listed are: Jodi Hunt, Marianne Siegmund, Irene R. Alexander, Daniel E. Burns, Bainard Cowan, William L. Cody, Scott Crider, Jonathan E. Dannatt, Richard J. Dougherty, Jacob I. Eidt, Chad Engelland, Thomas Esposito, O. Cist., Valeria Forte, William A. Frank, Elinor Gardner, O.P., Gilbert J. Garza, Kelly L. Gibson, Mark Goodwin, Peter Hatlie, Christina E. Ivers, Brittany K. Landrum, Tammy Leonard, Chris Mirus, Andrew D. Moran, Nefer Muñoz Solano, Cynthia Nielsen, Richard Olenick, Andrew Osborn, Joshua Parens, Marisa Pérez-Bernardo, Mark Petersen, Aida Ramos, Elizabeth Robinson, Gregory L. Roper, Jonathan J. Sanford, Kevin M. Saylor, Phillip A. Shore, Stephanie Swales, Inimary T. Toby, Joseph M. Van House, O. Cist., Matthew D. Walz, Gerard Wegemer, Michael G. West, Christopher Wolfe, Enoch Asare, Jennifer Bannister, Sri Beldona, Greg Bell, Sue Conger, Ali Dadpay, Blake Frank, Julia Fulmore, Jenny Gu, Cara W. Jacocks, Brett Landry, Richard Miller, Laura Muñoz, Renita Murimi, Judith Olson, Richard Peregoy, Michael Stodnick, Susan Rhame, Robert Walsh, J. Lee Whittington, snd Scott Wysong.

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Spring 1-2020



2020 Scholarly Accolades



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