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In addressing this topic–Dostoevsky’s iconic method–I am pursuing a an approach that I have long thought about–one that I have suggested to several of my students and from whom I have then benefited. Dr. Dennis Slattery, who now teaches at Pacifica University in Santa Barbara, has published an essay on The Icon and the Spirit of Comedy in Dostoevsky’s Possessed; Several of my students wrote papers on the ikon for a conference a conference we held a few years back, when we had an icon show at UD, at which the work of traditional ikon painters was presented, Lyle Novinski spoke, and my entire Russian novel class took part. So, though, the topic is one that I have not really gone into deeply enough, it is one that I have long considered–that I have discussed with colleagues and students in that shared mode of thought that we have been espousing at UD.